Scotsman 02-2977-01 Lip Seal

Scotsman 02-2977-01 Lip Seal
Scotsman 02-2977-01 Lip Seal$35.99

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Works with Scotsman models F0522, F0822, F0822L, F1222L, F1522, F1522L, FM1200, FM1200R, FM1202, FM1202R, FM1202RL-C, FM1500, FM1500R, FM2400, FM2400R, FM2400RH, FM2402, FM2402R, FM2402RH, FM800, FM800R, FME1200, FME1200R, FME1204, FME1204R, FME1204RL, FME1500, FME1500R, FME1504R, FME2400, FME2400R, FME2400RH, FME2404, FME2404R, FME504, FME800, FME800R, FME804, FME804R, FME804RL, MDT5N25, MDT5N40, MDT6N, N Series, N0422, N0622, N0622L, N0922, N0922L, N1322, N1322L, ND550, ND650, ND750, NDE550, NDE554, NDE650, NDE654, NDE754, NM1250, NM1250R, NM1850, NM1850R, NM1852, NM1852R, NM650, NM650R, NM950, NM950R, NM952, NM952R, NME1250, NME1250R, NME1254, NME1254R, NME1254RL, NME1254WS-32A, NME1504RL, NME1850, NME1850R, NME1854, NME1854R, NME454, NME650, NME650R, NME654, NME654R, NME654RL, NME950, NME950R, NME954, NME954R, NME954RL, NME954WS-32B, NS650, NSE650, NSE654, RL Single FM FME, RL Single NM NME, TDE550, TDE650. Check out our new inventory of Manitowoc Parts.

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